Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Got a new book from Barnes & Nobles about month and a half ago. I haven't bought a book that I've actually finished in about 10 years. That's mostly because I read so much online and for work that I simply must take a break from reading!

Hyperspace is written by an actual physics teacher at NYU and attempts to boil down the physics behind black holes, wormholes, parallel universes, time travel and the existence of higher dimensions.

I read all 6 pages of preface before I bought the book and was intrigued -- it used some college level references to formulas and physics but you can follow along if you have some background in physics at all.

Like most good intentions, I haven't actually started this book. I thought I would read it on my flight to Buffalo come late August. I didn't want to waste nice summer weather unnecessarily...

I'm also interested in his follow-on book, Physics of the Impossible, which I actually browsed first and found the reference to Hyperspace. I decided I wanted to read Hyperspace first...

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