Friday, September 12, 2008

Exercising At Home

My last post on the heart walk got me thinking about how I started exercising after my friend Afee had his heart attack. I was hearing about a lot of acquaintances dying or having health issues and many of them were about my age! Plus, I had a few blood donations where my BP was around 135/86, which was borderline hypertension. So I started hitting that equipment that we have in our house.

I do the Hoist V-4 home gym every other day, takes me about an hour. I just follow the wall chart that came with it. The wall chart has 4 different workouts on it, so I can rotate around and not get stuck in a rut.

On the other days, I do either the Vision Fitness T9250 treadmill or the Vision Quest X6000 elliptical for just 30 minutes. The elliptical surely seems to be more work, but when I got a twinge in my knees from the home gym I started using it because its less pounding on the joints. Plus, I burn about 425 calories in 30 minutes, don't think I'm coming near that on the treadmill. The cool thing is, you can swap these two if you get tired of one or the other (and I can see a TV from either one!).

The reason I finally stuck with this workout plan was mainly because I cut back on the time involved and limited it to 1 hour (weights) or 1/2 hour (treadmill, elliptical). I look at that time as an investment in myself, so I don't wind up seeing old age turn me fat and soft. So far its working - I got my BP down to 110/64 last time I had it checked! About the only thing I don't understand yet is why my pulse stays over 70 bpm -- but I'm not too worried about that one!

Heart Walk

Looking for AHA Heart Walk supporters! I have a biker friend named Afee that had a heart attack last year. This year he recruited me to be on his fund raiser team called "The Heart Throbs"! So, if you know someone who suffers from heart disease this is a great way to support them. You have my personal thanks!

United Way

I just volunteered to help with computer literacy for United Way. They had Trainer positions available when I first looked (you lead the class), but I didn't sign up at that time and those positions got filled. So what was left were Helpers, who help 2 families follow along with the Trainer. But it's all good stuff...doesn't matter how I help out. Computers are easy peasy, lemon squeezy -- it'll be fun!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Silver Lake

Took a walk today with mrs.jss around Silver Lake in downtown Rochester. Felt like one of the last gorgeous summer days before the Fall weather hits. The fence you see is part of an erosion control program to grow wildflowers and other flora to help stop the geese poo runoff and make the water in the lake cleaner. It takes a few years for the plants to get established, but once thats done the fences will be removed. It's working well as the walkway around the lake is much cleaner than it was two years ago when we last did a circuit!

The geese are having finding great eats at the dam on the lake, the water in the pictures is only a few inches deep and most of them were gobbling something every few minutes!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day - Part 2

With the beautiful 87 degree sunny weather today, I could hardly pass up an opportunity to volunteer at Paws & Claws again. I could see they had a bunch of new dogs. First up was Eboni - a black lab. Talk about a chewing fetish - this dog destroyed the rubber toy bone they had in her kennel. She couldn't go on the walk with me without chewing up every stick she could find. Can you say good-bye furniture? Training, training, training!

Next up was Moose, who've I've mentioned in previous posts. I'd forgotten Moose was a strong as a, well, moose! He was pulling me all over the place and I'm no lightweight. He was still at the shelter along with Damon (who I didn't walk, someone had Damon out for a walk already). I feel bad to see Damon still there...apparently he must make potential adopters nervous.

Lastly, I took out Justice, another black Lab. He's a fun dog, young and full of energy and was just happy to be outside. The shelter is air-conditioned, but I'm pretty sure the dogs don't mind the heat to get outdoors!

You can check out all my Paws & Claws dogs on my PicasaWeb. The purple dogs are reserved for higher trained volunteers as they're more difficult or stronger (I'm purple level). The green dogs can be walked by beginning volunteers.

Labor Day!

So what's been happening on this great American holiday? Glad you asked! I took the plunge and joined Patriot Guard today. I'd took part in the rally last month, and it was kick even though I didn't get to finish it (had other commitments).

That means I can get the backpatch they have for members. I'll be looking to add it to my leather riding vest -- something I've asked my sister-in-law to help me with. Guess those decorator and flower arranger types are kinda useful after all. Yes, I kid - Kathy has great taste and a terrific eye for what looks good! I was collecting a few patches with some potential...which you can see here.

Update (to add background):
Patriot Guard Riders got its start in 2005 in response to a religious group that had been picketing the funerals of soldiers. A group of riders in Kansas got together and founded the Patriot Guard with the mission of honoring those who have served while shielding their family from protesters. Within three years, the group's membership has climbed to 148,000, said Chad Tarpley, the organization's national communications officer.

*Southeast Minnesota has about 150 Patriot Guard members in its chapter.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Profile Picture

I finally got around to getting a picture of me on my new Road Star. You can see it on my blog photo, which if you click on it will take you to my PicasaWeb photo album for the Road Star.

It's tough finding good help around the house to take digital pictures! My kids are always busy, and mrs. jss tends to cut off my head (or other parts!).