Sunday, July 13, 2008

Iowa Scenic Ride

Took my first ride down to Iowa since I moved to the Midwest. I've ridden along the Mississippi in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but I'll have to say the portion at the Iowa latitude is breathtakingly wide and muddy.

Shot of Mississippi from Mt. Hosmer in Lansing on the Iowa side. We put at least 400 miles on our bikes today, which was sunny with 78 temps.

The Mississippi bridge at Lansing, as seen from Mt. Hosmer overlooking the river. We crossed from the Iowa to the Wisconsin side here. You can see sand from dredging on the far side of the bridge.

Cassville Ferry coming in to dock on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi. It picked us up and dropped us off on the Iowa side, which had a mile long gravel road to greet our bikes.

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Harley Springer said...

Looks like you had a great ride. 400 miles in one day---quite a ride---I've done 300 and been tired as "heck". No one seems to think much of Iowa---just a big old boring flat state---but once you get on the off roads / scenic byways----opinions change. I was never impressed with the state of Utah---[just a big old Mormon place]---but that state was the most impressive / beautiful / ausome ride of ever was on.