Sunday, August 24, 2008

Patriot Guard

My latest motorcycle run was for the Patriot Guard. It was on par with The Cruise as far as size and organization goes, so it was quite enjoyable. We had all the intersections held up to keep the riders together, which was impressive. Lots of veterans in dress gear and families lined the route and saluted, with some holding American flags. I would guess there were around 500 riders for this one!

The backpatches for Patriot Guard riders is very cool. It got me thinking about whether to start putting some patches on my own rider vest. I have a few pins from various rides I've done, but no patches. Guess I'll ask Harley Springer for some ideas!

I did the ride with Jim Soppa and Bruce Timmerman, but Bruce and I had to drop out at the Wabasha stop since we had other commitments. Here's some of the pictures I managed to get in Pine Island and Wabasha before I dropped off.

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