Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day - Part 2

With the beautiful 87 degree sunny weather today, I could hardly pass up an opportunity to volunteer at Paws & Claws again. I could see they had a bunch of new dogs. First up was Eboni - a black lab. Talk about a chewing fetish - this dog destroyed the rubber toy bone they had in her kennel. She couldn't go on the walk with me without chewing up every stick she could find. Can you say good-bye furniture? Training, training, training!

Next up was Moose, who've I've mentioned in previous posts. I'd forgotten Moose was a strong as a, well, moose! He was pulling me all over the place and I'm no lightweight. He was still at the shelter along with Damon (who I didn't walk, someone had Damon out for a walk already). I feel bad to see Damon still there...apparently he must make potential adopters nervous.

Lastly, I took out Justice, another black Lab. He's a fun dog, young and full of energy and was just happy to be outside. The shelter is air-conditioned, but I'm pretty sure the dogs don't mind the heat to get outdoors!

You can check out all my Paws & Claws dogs on my PicasaWeb. The purple dogs are reserved for higher trained volunteers as they're more difficult or stronger (I'm purple level). The green dogs can be walked by beginning volunteers.

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