Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day!

So what's been happening on this great American holiday? Glad you asked! I took the plunge and joined Patriot Guard today. I'd took part in the rally last month, and it was kick even though I didn't get to finish it (had other commitments).

That means I can get the backpatch they have for members. I'll be looking to add it to my leather riding vest -- something I've asked my sister-in-law to help me with. Guess those decorator and flower arranger types are kinda useful after all. Yes, I kid - Kathy has great taste and a terrific eye for what looks good! I was collecting a few patches with some potential...which you can see here.

Update (to add background):
Patriot Guard Riders got its start in 2005 in response to a religious group that had been picketing the funerals of soldiers. A group of riders in Kansas got together and founded the Patriot Guard with the mission of honoring those who have served while shielding their family from protesters. Within three years, the group's membership has climbed to 148,000, said Chad Tarpley, the organization's national communications officer.

*Southeast Minnesota has about 150 Patriot Guard members in its chapter.

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